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Sherman Oaks Immediate Family Care Needs Attorney

An estate planning attorney can assist you and your loved ones in preparing for the future. Sometimes, however, there are ‘immediate’ needs that must be handled.  Contact the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen in Sherman Oaks to find an immediate family care needs attorney who can also help you manage certain issues that may be affecting yourself and your family right now. Get in touch if you need help with such matters as guardianship, conservatorship, power of attorney, and more.

Why Choose The Law Offices Of Andrew Cohen

Hiring the right lawyer is critical when addressing immediate family care needs. You can be confident trusting the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen to handle these matters appropriately for the following essential reasons:

  • Attorney Andrew Cohen has years of experience handling immediate family care needs
  • We prioritize offering compassionate assistance in an effort to reduce stress during what could be a challenging time in the lives of our clients
  • We spend the time necessary to get to know every client, tailoring our approach and services to their needs

Sherman Oaks Immediate Family Care Needs: How We Help Our Clients

The Sherman Oaks immediate family care needs lawyers at the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen who have experience assisting clients like yourself with such matters as:

  • Special needs trusts: You may establish a special needs trust for someone who is mentally disabled, physically disabled, or both. Doing so can allow them to receive benefits and support income without rendering them ineligible for such forms of public assistance as disability benefits, supplemental security income, etc.
  • Guardianships: The team at our Sherman Oaks immediate family care needs law firm can assist you in providing for the care and security of a child under the age of 18. We can also help you ensure a child’s finances are managed responsibly.
  • Conservatorship: There are various reasons an adult may be deemed unfit to manage their own finances or address their own care needs. A court may grant a conservatorship in these circumstances. We can help you demonstrate why a conservatorship is appropriate and necessary.
  • Power of attorney: Someone with general power of attorney may have relatively broad legal authority to make decisions regarding another individual’s finances, medical care, and other such matters. Sometimes, power of attorney isn’t valid if the principal becomes disabled. It’s thus very important to account for all potential scenarios when drafting a power of attorney document.
  • A durable power of attorney: Durable power of attorney is similar to a general power of attorney in many ways. The key difference is the inclusion of language in a durable power of attorney document indicating it will remain effective even if the principal becomes incapacitated in some manner.

Contact A Sherman Oaks Immediate Family Care Needs Law Firm Today

Don’t leave important matters affecting your family to chance. At the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, an experienced Sherman Oaks immediate family care needs attorney can guide you through everything from drafting a power of attorney document to ensuring a child in need of a legal guardian has one. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us online or calling us at 661-481-0100.