Santa Clarita Asset Protection Attorney

Most people are aware of their need to have a comprehensive estate plan in place to protect themselves and their families as time moves on. However, many people do not realize is that an asset protection attorney can also be incredibly beneficial for certain individuals and their estate. At the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, based in Santa Clarita and serving all of Southern California, asset protection planning is not just about what happens to your assets after you pass away, but also about how you can protect your assets during your lifetime from creditors and others seeking to gain from your loss. Attorney Cohen has extensive experience handling comprehensive estate planning, including asset protection.

Why Choose The Law Offices Of Andrew Cohen

  • Andrew Cohen has dedicated his law practice to removing these barriers to planning, so his clients have the power to create legal structures that really can support them and those they love.
  • Our office has a strong history of helping residents in and around Santa Clarita with estate planning, asset protection, special needs trusts, business succession planning, and more.
  • Attorney Cohen has been a licensed attorney since 1997 and deeply appreciates the efforts his clients make in providing for themselves and their families.

What Does Asset Protection Entail In Santa Clarita

We live in a litigious society, both here in California and throughout the United States. We are in a world prone to dispute, and this creates risks for your assets. In general, the more assets you have, or the riskier your line of work, the more there is at stake. The only people that are judgment-proof are those with no assets. Most everyone else may benefit from a serious and comprehensive asset protection plan.

If you’ve worked hard to build personal or business wealth, your assets could be exposed in a lawsuit. While most people do not think about being sued, the reality is disputes take many forms. It is not uncommon to unexpectedly face personal injury lawsuits, premises liability lawsuits, business dispute lawsuits, and more. If you have not taken a proactive plan to protect your assets before these threats arise, you could face significant financial loss.

A skilled asset protection lawyer can look at your risk level and determine the best way to mitigate liabilities. There are almost always some baseline steps that we can suggest to put certain protections in place. These may include:

  • Maxing out liability and related insurance coverages.
  • Never commingling personal funds with business assets.
  • Organizing assets into a trust for both personal benefits and for beneficiaries.

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The protection of your assets and your estate is of the utmost importance. We strongly recommend you seek assistance from a skilled Santa Clarita asset protection attorney as you begin or modify your estate planning. When you use asset protection planning appropriately, you may be able to protect most or all of your assets from a surprise risk of loss. At the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, you will have a trusted advisor by your side who can analyze your entire asset situation and help formulate the best plan moving forward. You can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 661-481-0100.