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Allan and Donna D., Santa Clarita

Andrew did a fantastic job understanding our needs and creating our Trust!

After my 50th B-day my wife and I decided to create trust. We asked our CPA if he knew of a good Trust Attorney. He referred us to Andrew Cohen and said he would take good care of us and get the Trust done right. We were not disappointed. Andrew was great and made the entire process easy. He explained the process very well and after the first meeting we were excited and relieved to find Andrew. Our Trust was finished in a timely manner and Andrew was always happy to answer our questions with a smile. Thank you Andrew for creating our Trust and making the process simple and easy.

John Y., Valencia, CA

Andrew is the best. He is incredibly knowledgeable and meticulous, and that is exactly what you’ll want when you’re dealing with something as serious as creating a will or trust. He won’t watch the clock as some lawyers do – – he will take as long as is required to go over every single aspect, turn over every stone, and make absolutely sure that whatever is set up is the best option for you and your goals. I never felt rushed, and he was never impatient or hesitant to re-explain things to me in layman’s terms – – no matter how many times I had to have them dumbed down. I highly recommend Andrew for anyone who needs any estate planning done.

Dennis H., Valencia, CA

My wife and I decided that it was at that time in our life where we needed to formalize our wishes. While we are only in our mid 50’s you never know and as new grandparents want to make sure we decided how things go.

Found Andrew on Yelp believe it or not. Don’t really know any estate attorney or have I ever needed one.

We met with Andrew and the rest was easy. A basic interview with a questionnaire we took home. We completed the questions and returned for an apt.

The Third apt was to pick up our estate plan. Great job of formalizing the wishes. He even recorded the family trust.

I have since recommended him to family and friends.

I would highly recommend Andrew for all your estate needs.

Thanks Andrew great job.

Kristina C., Newhall, CA

Andrew was super detailed and very helpful in updating my existing trust. Trusts are very complicated and should be updated regularly. Andrew stepped up to the plate and provided super-detailed questions for me to ponder and then executed those responses. I’m very happy with his services.

Brian B., Valencia, CA

My wife and I just finished having our 4th (and last) child. We were concerned about what would happen to our kids, as well as their education and financial well being, should anything ever happen to us both. Plus, we didn’t want our kids to ever have to be subjected to years of the probate court to get assets that should be rightfully theirs from the onset (e.g. house, cars, investments, etc.). Therefore, we engaged the attorney services of Andrew Cohen.

Andrew spent about 4 hours with us in our initial meeting, and really took his time to get to know us, our needs and desires, and went above and beyond in customizing a set of legal documents that would protect my wife and me, our kids, my kids’ kids, etc., for generations to come.

Andrew worked closely with us to establish a very detailed and thorough family trust that can be passed on to future generations. He helped protect our four very young kids, by establishing a nomination of guardianship to ensure that our kids would go to whom we wanted them to go to, and not the court system. He also setup our power of attorney’s for our finances and health, so that my wife and are protected, and can easily manage the other’s affairs, should one of us be unable to do so in the future.

Andrew accomplished all of this with a personal touch, and the event had several personal conversations to really take the time to get to know us and establish a personal relationship. He even referred us to a great DJ for an event that we were hosting two days later! He accomplished all of this, while still taking the time to explain the details and the process along the way. He did this for a very reasonable rate, and in a very timely manner.

I highly recommend him to anyone that needs help with estate planning, trusts, power of attorney’s, etc. I will use him again in the future, and highly recommend him. Thanks to Andrew, my wife and I now have peace of mind that our family is protected, should anything ever happen to one, or both of us.

Thank you Andrew!

M S., Stevenson Ranch, CA

I honestly had no idea what to expect when doing a living trust. I found Andrew here on yelp and he was great! He was easy to deal with, explained everything well and was reasonably priced. I will be recommending him to family and friends.

Thank you Andrew!

Grace M., Fletcher, NC

If you are looking for a wonderful attorney who specializes in Estate Planning, we highly recommend Andrew Cohen!! My husband and I were long overdue in getting all of our affairs in order, and we have a growing family.

We met with Andrew and are thrilled he will be taking care of all of our estate planning. He is such a personable, friendly, and welcoming person and made the entire process so easy for us! You always envision taking care of these matters will be a drawn-out and complex process, but it really isn’t with Andrew! Our meeting was so pleasant and it was great getting to know him and having him explain all the details so simply to us.

It was very easy to express exactly what we were looking for and then have Andrew explain it all and take it from there. We’ve always known our general plan of what we want and planned for our family & children should something happen to us, but knowing what you want and legally making sure it is carried through are very different.

Andrew is an established member of the community with a family of his own. We love that we were able to find someone local who is so knowledgable and specializes in this area. His rates were extremely reasonable and he was very clear with everything. We considered doing it ourselves with an online service like Legal Zoom, but this was MUCH clearer, more detailed, and I feel like we have a better understanding of everything. We couldn’t be happier and will have peace of mind knowing everything is in order.

We’ve always known the importance of getting everything set-up, but had previously never taken the time to go through with it. Now that my father passed away in another state (with no estate planning established), my family unfortunately knows firsthand how messy and frustrating it is dealing with the process of having to wait for probate, going through several different lawyers, having to open up and estate, etc. It’s been several months of headaches and my siblings and I are still trying to wade through the mess. He didn’t think it was important since he didn’t have much to leave, but it’s still a big nightmare nonetheless. I would never want anyone to have to deal with that should something happen to us.

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