Sherman Oaks Asset Protection Attorney

Setting up an estate plan is critical to protecting your loved ones’ futures. However, those who appreciate the value of estate planning may nevertheless overlook the importance of also setting up a plan to protect their assets.

Asset protection isn’t for everyone.  But for certain people, it’s very important to consider.  At the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, offering estate planning services to clients in and around Sherman Oaks, California, we also work with clients to ensure their assets are protected should they find themselves the targets of lawsuits in the future or may otherwise find themselves in circumstances that may jeopardize their assets. Read on to learn how a Sherman Oaks asset protection attorney can assist you.

Need A Sherman Oaks Asset Protection Law Firm? Why You Should Choose the Law Offices Of Andrew Cohen

You’ve worked hard to acquire assets over the course of a lifetime. Choosing the right law firm to help you when protecting your assets is critical.

At the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, our Sherman Oaks asset protection lawyers specialize in helping clients like yourself handle such matters. Reasons to work with us include the following:

  • Expertise: Some attorneys try to offer a wide range of unrelated legal services. This prevents them from focusing on delivering quality service in one key area. Our team at the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen is different. We’re genuine experts because our firm is dedicated to offering certain specific and specialized services.
  • History: You don’t have to assume you’re hiring trustworthy lawyers when you choose the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen. We have a proven track record of delivering quality and reliable services to clients like yourself.
  • Personalization: We appreciate that every client is unique. We spend the time to get to know your needs, tailoring our services accordingly.

Sherman Oaks Asset Protection Cases: What Do They Entail

Lawsuits happen.  People sue, sometimes legitimately, sometimes on rather shaky grounds.  There are various reasons you may one day be the target of a lawsuit. If this happens, and you haven’t taken the necessary steps to prepare, there’s a possibility your assets will be jeopardized.

A Sherman Oaks asset protection attorney with the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen can help you guard against this. The specific manner in which we go about doing so may vary depending on your needs and circumstances. General steps you may take to protect your assets include:

  • Optimizing your liability and other such insurance coverages.
  • Separating personal funds from business assets.
  • Set aside assets in a trust for your benefit and any beneficiaries.

Contact A Sherman Oaks Asset Protection Attorney Today

We at the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen know you’ve dedicated years of hard work to grow your assets for yourself and your loved ones. We can help you protect those assets so an unexpected situation doesn’t quickly undo all those years of hard work. For more information about the specific ways, a Sherman Oaks asset protection attorney with our firm can assist you, contact us online or call us at 661-481-0100.