Woodland Hills Probate and Trust Administration Attorney

At the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, we strongly believe that every family deserves to have skilled representation when they need help with probate and trust administration. If you are the administrator of a trust in California, there is no room for error in the weeks and months that follow the death of a loved one. Incorrectly handling an estate or the terms of the trust could leave you vulnerable to liability and litigation, as well as a probate process that lasts far longer than necessary. When you need help with a trust or probate administration, call our team so we can have you speak with an expert as soon as possible.

Why Choose The Law Offices Of Andrew Cohen

  • Attorney Andrew Cohen has dedicated his practice to removing barriers to estate planning so that his clients have the power to create the legal structures that support them and their loved ones.
  • When you turn to the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, you can count on having a team that provides individualized care to every client that comes through the door.
  • Attorney Cohen has more than a decade of experience in a variety of estate planning matters in California.

Going Through Woodland Hills Probate

The team at the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen is fully prepared to help guide families through the probate process after they have lost someone that they love. Regardless of how challenging or simple your situation maybe, you’ll need guidance to determine the most practical route forward.

Our team will look at the timeline, costs, and other aspects related to the California probate process with you. We make sure that you are included in every decision and that you thoroughly understand what is happening while it happens.

Legal Guidance For Woodland Hills Trust Administration

At the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, we are committed to helping clients in Woodland Hills and throughout southern California get through the process of trust administration following the death or incapacity of someone that they love. We help ensure the smooth transition of an estate, and we know that this process begins before a person passes away or becomes incapacitated.

We will help counsel successor trustees about their fiduciary duties as well as plan any additional obligations that the trustee might have. This can include identifying, valuing, and collecting assets as well as paying legitimate debts that belong to the estate and creating financial reports for trust beneficiaries.

Call Our Woodland Hills Probate And Trust Administration Attorney Today

Regardless of whether you are planning the future of an estate or have recently lost somebody and are in charge of administering the state or the trust, you can count on the team at the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen to help you. We offer compassionate experience and we know how complicated probate and trust administration can become for those without much legal experience. Let us step in and provide the assistance that you need today. When you need a Woodland Hills probate and trust administration attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 661-481-0100.