Why You Need A Power of Attorney

BY: Law Offices of Andrew Cohen | February 15, 2021

Often, when talking with new clients, they mention verbal agreements they have with family members for times of crisis. Suppose you have a health crisis. You may be close to a sister and trust her to carry out your wishes should you become incapacitated. However, without a properly drafted and implemented power of attorney, the mother you haven’t spoken to in years may come to your bedside. She may try to make decisions against your wishes. Your sister may have to fight her in court to protect your wishes. The added expense of court fees, representation, and the possibility she may lose can be avoided with a simple document, a power of attorney.

The Law Offices of Andrew Cohen are here to see your rights are protected. There are numerous reasons why someone needs a power of attorney, and therefore, different types of powers of attorney. Establishing your power of attorney can be a complicated and tricky process. When you need a power of attorney in Santa Clarita, California, you need the dedicated team at the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen.

Protect Yourself and Those You Love

Here’s why a Power of Attorney is so crucial.

A father becomes sick with an unknown illness. One of his daughters lives at home with her two sons. She is mentally unstable and ill-equipped to provide for her sons. He raises his grandsons and provides care and support for all three living in his household. His oldest daughter is financially stable and without children. He calls his oldest to take him to the ER. While nurses and doctors probe and test, they cannot seem to find out what is wrong. The father is scared.

What if something happens to me? How will my grandsons survive?

To add to the complicated situation, he is in the middle of selling his house and buying his dream house on the beach. What can he do?

The father bounces around a few hospitals, but a prognosis cannot be found. He cannot see, can barely stand with help, and is in pain. His condition is rapidly deteriorating.

Thankfully, the father has been able to work with an estate planning attorney to implement a Power of Attorney, naming the oldest daughter as his Agent. She helps arrange the sale of his house and closes on the dream home. As an agent, she works with her father’s trustee to get the home into his trust. Should the worst happen, there is a plan in place based on her father’s wishes to ensure her sister’s and the grandchildren’s security and stability? She can handle his medical decisions, estate, and give him the peace of mind he needs to focus on his health.

What You Should Know

The basic types of powers of attorney are as follows:

  • Limited Power of Attorney: Permits the assigned agent to a specific task, like childcare, for a limited time.
  • Military POA: Consists of provisions for drafting powers
  • General POA: Allows the agent business rights, but not medical
  • Durable Financial POA: Is activated/continues if the person becomes incapacitated?
  • Durable POA for Healthcare: Allows for medical decisions to be made in case of incapacitation

If you are thinking of getting a power of attorney, make sure you get the right document, with the proper provisions, for your needs. Talk to an experienced attorney who can walk you through the process and ensure your needs and goals are met.

The Law Offices of Andrew Cohen

The dedicated team at the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen will provide you and your family with compassionate attention while establishing the correct power of attorney for your needs. When you need a power of attorney in Santa Clarita, California, call the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen today. Contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 661-481-0100.

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