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After the death or incapacity of a loved one, emotions are understandably high. It is crucial to have experienced representation assist you. Our San Luis Obispo probate and trust administration attorneys can help you avoid costly mistakes.

The probate process is costly, time-consuming, and can take months to resolve. However, if there are mishaps with the execution of the estate or trust, the process can last much longer. In addition, if the estate or terms of a trust are handled incorrectly, you could be left vulnerable to litigation.

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Why Trust the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen

The Law Offices of Andrew Cohen have extensive experience handling all trust and estate planning matters. Our compassionate probate and trust administration attorneys will provide the sound legal advice you need during this difficult time:

  • We have been helping clients honor family legacies and protect client assets for more than a decade.
  • We understand the need for clear, concise language to ensure all communication is open and understanding so you can make informed decisions regarding the estate.
  • We work hard to fully understand your immediate needs and future goals so we can provide the best possible choices to meet your expectations

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What is Probate

The probate process can be overwhelming. After the loss of your loved one, their estate will enter into the legal process of probate, entailing:

  • Proving your loved one’s will is valid after death
  • Identifying your loved one’s property and assets
  • Appraising the property left in the estate
  • Paying off debts and taxes
  • Distributing any remaining property at the will directs

Probate can involve extensive paperwork and several court appearances. If you have a probate and trust administration attorney, they can assist you in settling your loved one’s affairs.

What Happens During Trust Administration

The appointed Trustee is an important position. If you have been named as the Trustee, you have a fiduciary duty to the trust and to the beneficiaries of the trust.

After the loss of a loved one, a Trustee will need to:

  • Protect the assets held within the trust
  • Manage and oversee the investment of trust assets
  • Keep communication with trust beneficiaries open
  • Distribute trust income and assets according to the terms of the trust
  • Keep detailed records regarding the trust business
  • Prepare, file, and pay taxes owed by the trust each year

Our probate and trust administration attorneys will help you navigate the complex legal process that follows the loss of a loved one. During this difficult time of grief, you and your family deserve the peace of mind that your loved one’s estate and trust are being handled with the utmost care and respect.

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If you have been named the personal representative or executor of your loved one’s estate, you need skilled and experienced guidance through the probate process. At the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, our San Luis Obispo probate and trusts administration attorneys are dedicated to providing sound legal advice and insight so you can make informed decisions.

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