Estate Planning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

BY: Law Offices of Andrew Cohen | August 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered the way of life for all of us around the country and here in California. While there were hopes that this unprecedented health crisis would not last long, the reality is that we will be dealing with the coronavirus for some time to come. While some people may be putting their estate planning to the side, many others are acting on the critical need to plan now so documents are in place for times of crisis. At the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, we want to discuss why estate planning is important right now and how our clients can safely go about getting their estate planning completed.

Why Get Your Estate Plan Done Now

Uncertain times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, tend to generate interest in estate planning, for people and families new to the process and for those whose plans have not been reviewed for years. Over time, financial and personal circumstances may change, but an individual’s or family’s estate planning documents may not reflect these new needs and goals.

However, properly getting these plans updated or completed can be difficult in the era of social distancing and quarantine measures. This is particularly true for those who reside in nursing homes or are at high risk and need to make changes or create a proper estate plan. Some of the following issues may need to be addressed:

Is Your Trust/Will Current

We encourage all clients to thoroughly review their wills, trusts, other documents, and assets related to their estate every few years to ensure they are still applicable. Do you need to add or change beneficiaries or charities to your plan? Do you need to change your Trustee or personal representative?  Are your children now old enough to help?  Have there been any changes in the law?

Review Powers Of Attorney For Assets And Health Care

In the event you become critically ill, you need to have a Power of Attorney for Health Care in place. Hospitals and medical providers need a legally designated agent when it comes to making decisions about your health care if you are unable to do so yourself. Similarly, you need to ensure that your Power of Attorney for Asset Management is also current to help you with your financial needs should you become incapacitated.

How Does This Work During COVID-19

Social distancing is continuing to be important. At the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen, we recognize that your health and safety is a necessary part of the planning process. We diligently work to ensure that all of your estate planning needs are handled as remotely as possible. When you are our client, we can handle almost the entire process over the phone and using other electronic communication tools.

Because signatures and notarizations are needed to complete the estate planning process,  we will help to facilitate this process in the easiest and safest way possible for you. Our clients have been working with several highly experienced mobile notaries who are familiar with estate planning documents and can conduct a socially distant and efficient signing meeting, from the comfort of your home.

Let Us Help You With Your Case

If you or somebody you love needs to create, modify, or finalize a thorough, private estate plan, with experienced legal advice, contact the team at the Law Offices of Andrew Cohen. During this uncertain time in our history, we make sure you are cared for.  Let our Woodland Hills estate plan attorneys help you implement your trust and estate plan today. Contact us for a consultation of your situation and needs by clicking here or calling 661-481-0100.

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