Living Trust And Attorney

Living Trust  Attorney

Living Trust  Attorney :-A living trust is created during life to either save tax money or establish a long-term way to manage property. Living trusts are specifically designed to avoid establishing official will and are also used to safeguard financial privacy and manage assets should the owner pass away or become incapacitated.

It is very important that your living trust is set up properly or it will not function as intended to. Trust documents are usually prepared from standardized trust firms. This may sound simple, but as long as you use an estate planning attorney who is experienced doing living trusts and can make the necessary modifications.

Many people want to create a living trust end up hiring a living trust lawyer.

The ease of creating a living trust is compared to creating a last will and testament, which many people do without the help of a lawyer. A living trust document usually starts with a very basic template and includes the following information:

  • The Creator of the Trust
  • The Trustee, Person incharge to take care of the assets.
  • The trustee who will take over managing the trust and distributing the property when the original trustee dies or becomes incapacitated. This is usually a spouse, close friend, or adult child.
  • The beneficiaries – the people who will get the property of the trust (the same as in a will).
  • The trustees who will manage any property left to young beneficiaries. Often times, when children or young adults inherit property from a trust.


What can a living trust do for me?

It helps to ensure that your assets will be managed according to your wishes even if you become unable to manage them yourself. In setting up your living trust, that you may serve its trustee initially or you may choose someone else to do so. One can name a trustee to take over the management for your benefit it one or become unable or unwilling to manage it yourself. And at the time of one’s death, the trustee similar to the executor of a will would then gather your assets, pay any debts, claims and taxes, and distribute your assets according to your instructions, this can all be done without court supervision or approval.

How could a living trust be helpful at my death?

The assets held in your living trust could be managed by the trustee and distributed accordingly. This can save your heirs time and money. Because the trust would not be under the direct management of the probate court, your assets and their value will not become a public record. Your heirs and beneficiaries would still have to be notified about the living trust and advised, among other things, of their right to obtain a copy of the trust.


As long as your living trust contains these basic elements, you can make your own living trust. Some choose to hire a lawyer, and more specifically, an estate planning attorney to prepare the documents, but this is not always necessary. Many individuals are successful in making a living trust on their own without the use of a living trust attorney.

If one is interested in making your own living trust, be sure to sign the trust document one has created before a notary public and look up the law in your state as to whether additional witnesses are required. You will then need to fund the trust by transferring your as

Sets into the trust. Some states require real estate deed transfer documents to be prepared by an attorney so be sure to check with your local land records office for this as well.

 Living Trust Attorney

Living Trust Attorney

Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer-Attorney

Individuals with complex estate planning needs should consider hiring an attorney to prepare their living trust. You may consider hiring a lawyer if you’ve a complex estate plan. For example if your plan includes:

  • Generation Gap
  • Conditions to trustees,
  • Beneficiaries to special needs and Governmental Assistance,
  • life insurance policies, and
  • Assistance with trust funding ,which is the transferring of your assets to the trust

One of the most significant dis-advantages of hiring an attorney is the cost of retaining an estate planning attorney or firm to prepare your living trust.

If you are interested in creating a living trust, a great first step is to do a little research to familiarize yourself with the basics and determine whether you are able to prepare your estate planning documents on your own or if you would benefit from hiring an attorney. Your assets into the trust. Some states require real estate deed transfer documents to be prepared by an attorney.

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